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When I left university, I frantically sent out CV’s to perspective employers in the world of media. After all that’s what I had studied over the last few years.

Then one morning everything was to change when an old mate called to ask if I fancied helping a couple move house?.. “ yeah ok why not” I replied. “I’ll pick you up at 7.30 tomorrow morning”. It turned out my mate was working part of his gap year helping out a company that ran a few vans moving furniture and possessions around.

To cut a long story short I actually really enjoyed the removals work which was often quite challenging and I became a regular freelancer for the company.

Moving, I discovered, is a serious business that takes time, care and a professional attitude. It was this that inspired me to launch my own moving and clearing company aptly called Move it Max.

At Move It Max, we are a professional team of removals guys. Over years I’ve accumulated a friendly, dedicated and experienced moving team so we can offer a range of removals services. We really enjoy helping our clients get their possessions from A to B in a streamlined and cost effective way, so I look forward to hearing for you with your next moving needs.

Max Vuarnoz


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