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At Move It Max we offer a range of moving services to cater for everyone. Whether you are a family moving house, a company moving office, or designer moving exhibition space, the Move It Max team can tailor their removals service to suit you.

Light Removals

Our Move It Max Light Removals service does exactly what it says on the tin - Our team can help you with small moves and transport light loads. We will securely transport your possessions or equipment from A to B in an affordable way.

At Move It Max we complete removals in London, across the UK and international moves. We’ll pack and unpack wherever you want to go in the UK or Europe. We recently moved some luxury furniture to Paris for an exhibition and returned it without a scratch a week later. We call that the white glove scenario as involves taking extra care with removals and transporting fragile or high-worth pieces.

Office & General Moves

Our office removals service will help you with a swift company move so that you can hit the ground running at your new location. Move It Max understand that your office relocation needs to be streamlined. After all, a business can’t afford lost days. We understand the constraints and logistics of office areas where parking and access have to be planned carefully, so if you want a reliable removals team, give us a ring today to see how Move It Max can assist you in a successful office move.

Our General Moves service can take the stress out of moving home. Our friendly and trustworthy removals team will help get your household possessions from A to B in a safe, streamlined and affordable way. We have considerable experience helping individuals or businesses relocate via our General Moves service, and we always assess case by case to consider how best we can help you move house.

House Clearance

With the Move It Max House Clearance service you get a thorough and experienced removals team. We have done an array of property clearances, safely removing possessions and depositing items where requested. Move It Max holds a full waste disposal licence. Move It Max offer a streamlined removals service to take the stress out of the house clearance process so be sure to give us a ring to discuss your needs.

White Glove Service

Our White Glove Service is our premium removals service. We transport possessions with particular care because they require special attention, are fragile items or are expensive. Our White Glove team are experienced in dealing with a range of load sizes to various locations including both UK and international removals (European removals service). We have recently worked with artists to transport their artwork to exhibitions in Europe and their work was safely delivered without a hitch or a scratch. Enquire with us today to find out how the Move It Max White Glove Service can assist you.